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Lovey Yoni Kit

Lovey Yoni Kit

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1 Lovey Yoni Bar 

1 Lovey Yoni Oil

1 Lovey Yoni Spray

*Lovey Soap aka Yoni Soap

This soap has been proven to increases wetness & prevents odor smell making your vagina feel refreshed. Helps to restore vaginal health. Made with infused oil blend of herbs and essential oils. Also help treat yeast infections & BV. This soap cleanses, moisturizes, nourishes, and exfoliates in addition to doing everything else. It can be used to fight odor, restore pH balance, tighten vagina skin, wetness,fight bad bacteria  and even reduce inflammation.

*Lovey Yoni Spray 

This Lovey Yoni Spray is formulated with organic and natural ingredients that are perfect for keeping your intimate areas feeling Fresh and Clean. It helps to promote healthy pH levels and eliminates odors and itchiness. This Yoni Spray contains Essential Oils that will fight any Anti-fungal and Antibacterial.
Can be used everyday or whether before or after intimacy, after using the restroom or whenever you feel as needed.

*Lovey Yoni Oil

Lovey Yoni Oil will boosts sex drive, reduce cramping, maintain a healthy pH balance, stop the growth of yeast, infections, and reoccurring BV, soothe ingrown hairs, razor bumps, boils, cysts, vaginal piercings, and vaginal/anal tears! 
Lovey Yoni Oil can be used after a shower/bath, after shaving/waxing, before sex or after sex.The Lovey Yoni Oil can be applied twice a day. This oil is infused with the herbs lavender, calendula, roses and an abundant of organic herbs.

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